About Us

Put Me Back was inspired by the same problems we see at almost every facility, the lack of gym organization. These issues are consistent regardless if your facility is an exclusive country club or local gym.

We’ve been frustrated searching for equipment which wasn’t where it should have been because either an inconsiderate member felt it is the gym and other member’s responsibility to clean up after them or some members simply don’t know and follow the lead of others.  This eventually had a negative effect on gym organization.

Years of dissatisfaction led to the development of a unique, high quality, color-coded, affordable system that aids in the proper gym organization practices.

Put Me Back organizes and reinforces the return of weights, dumbbells and other equipment back where they belong. Put Me Back will enhance the appearance of your gym, expedite workout time, and increase positive customer feedback.

Put Me Back Stickers

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How It Works

You’re showing a potential new member around the workout floor. He seems impressed, and ready to join. Until…He almost trips over a stray dumbbell left on the floor and there goes your new customer!

How many times has this happened at your facility? How much time does your staff spend each day, cleaning up after members?

How many potential new members have you lost because of a cluttered workout floor, littered with dumbbells and weights which can quickly turn off the most serious prospect? Worse yet, how many times have members or staff been injured, because of equipment left lying around by other members due to poor gym organization?

Appearance matters for several reasons. If your workout floor resembles a 5 year olds bedroom, then it is time to take control. Maintaining member loyalty so they can see you are concerned about the facilities appearance will aid in member retention.

  • Members will find it easy to quickly replace equipment

  • Members will be reminded to clean cardio gear, minimizing the risk of infection to other users and promote cleanliness

  • Staff won’t have to pick up after users or remind members to replace equipment

  • Fewer trip and fall accidents or injuries from members stumbling over gym equipment left lying around

  • It will foster a more responsible workout environment, where members are accountable for putting equipment away correctly

  • Your facility will see increased goodwill and have a reputation as promoting safety, cleanliness and hygiene

  • Potentially reduce your liability exposure – fewer pieces of equipment lying around = fewer accidents and injuries

  • Enhances the appearance of your gym – no more weights scattered all over the workout area

  • Reduces labor needed to remove weights left on the floor

Our Mission

Maintaining a clean and organized facility addresses the most frequent member complaints. Put Me Back is here to help you with member retention and acquisition, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Time to stop the “not my gym, not my problem” mentality.

Customer Feedback

“Since we have applied the stickers on our equipment, members have given us very positive feedback.  People are now more aware of putting back their weights and wiping down the cardio equipment when finished.  I recommend this to any health club out there.”



“We have an extremely busy facility with a large amount of space and equipment.  Add to that a small staff and it becomes imperative that patrons shoulder at least some of the responsibility in wiping down equipment after use.  We employ Put Me Back stickers on our cardio equipment and it seems to encourage patrons to do wipe down their equipment.”



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